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Jai hind logistics ODC Transportation

ODC Transportation

Jai hind logistics has an expansive commitment in transporting ODC and Profound Boats from different areas in India.Multimodal transport We have truly transported pontoons of up to 72 feet length, 20 feet width, and 13 feet level. Coming up next are photographs of one of our energy accomplishment, where we transported a watercraft wrecked in 2 sections. The focal body of the watercraft evaluating 72 feet long, 20 feet in width and 10.5 feet in height, and assessing approx 35 Tons was transported from Okha Port to Dhamra Port. The test in executing this activity was 3 kink. Jai hind logistics is regardless, there were different railroad crossing points on the way which just permitted passage of freight level under 15 feet starting from the earliest stage. Second, something like 60 feet length of the vessel was to be upheld on the trailer. Third, the assessments of the pontoon made it exceptionally challenging to transport to Dhamra Port as the focal road interfacing experiences various towns and close by people should be figured out a workable method for keeping away from any deferrals on street.

To keep the arrive at starting from the earliest stage 15 feet and to help something like 60 feet of the watercraft, we utilized uncommonly outlined Long Bed Low Bed Trailer having 4 couple axles, that gave a bed at a level of 3 feet all along of orchestrating the cards of 60 feet. This accomplished our key 2 objectives by keeping the all out arrive at starting from the earliest stage simply 13.5 feet and gave a protected 60 feet support to the vessel. To deal with the transportation at Dhamra Port, we had a group of 15 men and with the help of Port Power and plan early, we could securely transport the watercraft on time. The vessel was conveyed securely in 22 days, a really long time before the doled out time of 35 days.

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ODC Transportation
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